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Inmate Ice Sculpture Contest held at Wildwood Correctional Center


The Wildwood Correctional Center held its first ice sculpture contest. The contest was initiated by the Correctional Officers working at the new minimum camp (Wildwood Transitional Program). The Officers had the inmates pile the snow in the inmate recreation area to be compacted. Four teams signed up to take part in the contest and worked through many sub-zero days and evenings to complete their projects. Assistant Superintendent Shannon McCloud was the Judge and chose the life-size model of a Jeep. In second place, was the oversized toilet and in third and fourth places were polar bears and walruses.

Superintendent Bob Hibpshman thought the contest was a good way to keep the inmates busy and learn to work together on teams. “I was surprised at the level of detail on the sculptures considering they had very few tools to work with,” he said. The winners received a bag of Starbucks Coffee and the runners up were given king sized candy bars.