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Kenai Probation Officers praised for critical support provided in Troopers’ bust of Oxy ring

The Alaska State Troopers offered kudos to the Kenai Probation Office for their assistance in support of a sweeping take-down of a large-scale Oxycontin ring operating on the Kenai Peninsula, with street sales placed at $1.2 million. Specifically cited were:

  • PO II Paul Scott
  • PO II Eric Einerson
  • PO II William Fenske
  • PO III Ruben Foster

The DPP Officers joined three arrest teams during a 12-hour period. “It became immediately obvious that without your assistance, the operation would have been much more difficult,” wrote Col. Keith Mallard of the Alaska State Troopers. “Because of your unique knowledge of local offenders and their associates, each time when we experienced what would normally have been a dead end, you or one of your officers would provide a new location to check. More often than not, the suspect was located because of this.

“Your performance on duty is in the finest tradition of the Department of Corrections and reflects the professional character of the officers of Adult Probations.”