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Spring Creek Marks 10 years of Youthful Offenders Program

2011 marked the 10th anniversary of Spring Creek Correctional Center’s Youthful Offender Program and the 10th graduating class from Spring Creek High School. To date, over 400 inmates have participated in YOP, with 163 high school and 19 GED graduates.

This year’s graduation also marked the retirement of Spring Creek High School Principal Wayne Young. Principal Young was instrumental in the design of the YOP, working with DOC to build an individually structured, holistic program giving youthful offenders an opportunity to rehabilitate within a secure environment. Program objectives include high school completion for inmates up to 22 years of age, vocational certification, correspondence college courses, substance abuse and anger management education and/or treatment.


New Principal Monica Hinders joined YOP in June. A former teacher, school counselor and district-wide assessment coordinator, Principal Hinders was most recently a PO II at Spring Creek and brings a solid understanding of DOC practices to her enthusiasm and experience as an educator.

Information on the YOP, along with inmate waiver, transfer and enrollment in Spring Creek High School is available electronically. Please contact Spring Creek PO III Clif Simons if you believe inmates at your facility may benefit and wish to participate.