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Officer Lynn Hays named Denali Award winner for Crisis Response


On November 22, 2010 Officer Hays left home to begin his work day. There were many accidents that morning due to a steady freezing rain that left roadways treacherous and ice-covered. Monitoring the radio, Officer Hays became aware of an accident close to his location where a pregnant woman was trapped in her vehicle. With the nearest emergency responder 45 minutes away, Officer Hays radioed that he was two minutes from the location and was responding. Upon arrival, Officer Hays assessed a three-vehicle accident and located the trapped individual. After assessing the woman’s condition Officer Hays communicated with responders and attempted to alert oncoming traffic. With road conditions extremely icy, an additional five vehicles crashed around him. Officer Hays then closed the section of road stopping traffic and likely preventing additional collisions and perhaps injuries. Officer Hays flagged a tow-truck and directed the operator to begin to clear some of the crashed vehicles. State Troopers responded, but were quickly called away by another emergency at a nearby location. Officer Hays remained on the scene, collecting pertinent information and electing to re-open the road when a sanding truck arrived. Prison Transportation Officer Hays demonstrated his willingness to assist and protect the public in a challenging situation.


Officer Lynn Hays began his career with the Department of Corrections in 1996, and joined the Central Transportation Unit in 2005. He is known for his professionalism in the most difficult of circumstances.

Lemon Creek COs receive Denali Award for action in a crisis

Correctional Officers Keith Aki, Josh Price and Lisa Cook (Sgt. Bonn’s Shift) received a Denali Award honorable mention in the crisis responder team category on May 12 at Centennial Hall in Juneau.


On September 7, 2010, While performing routine duties at Lemon Creek Correctional Center in Juneau, Correctional Officer Keith Aki noticed a suicide attempt in progress in the Admission and Orientation Unit. He called for assistance and responded to the prisoner, who had attempted to hang himself in a shower stall. Officers Josh Price and Lisa Cook responded immediately and helped lower the inmate to the floor. The prisoner had no pulse and was unresponsive. The three officers administered CPR and by the time Juneau Fire and Rescue responded the inmate had a strong pulse and subsequently made a full recovery.

Officer Aki is a Prison Transportation Officer, Field Training Officer and an instructor in firearms and defensive tactics. Officer Price is a Correctional Officer in charge of the Maximum Security Unit for his shift. Officer Cook began her career in 2009. In two short years she has established herself as professional with a strong ability to maintain control of her surroundings in a difficult situation.

Central Transportation Unit receives Denali Award honorable mention

The Central Transportation Unit received an honorable mention Denali Award in the category of crisis responder — team. The award was presented to Officers Kelly Daniels, Lynn Hays and Robert Pack by Governor Sean Parnell and Commissioner Joe Schmidt at Centennial Hall in Juneau on May 12.

In November Officers Kelly Daniels and Lynn Hays were transporting nine prisoners to Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward. While in route they were flagged down by an injured motorist, and then observed that two vehicles had been in a head-on collision. While Officer Hays radioed for help, Officer Daniels addressed the needs of the wounded and set flares to warn approaching traffic. Officer Pack, who was off duty at the time, came upon the scene and quickly put his EMT training to work as he provided assistance to the motorist trapped in a vehicle. When emergency responders were on the scene, he, with his fellow officers, helped extract the injured motorist and then provide traffic control.


Officer Daniels began his career with the Department of Corrections in 1997, transferring to the Central Transportation Unit in 2003. He is the unit’s most senior member and a current firearms instructor. Officer Hays began his career as a Correctional Officer at Spring Creek Correctional Center in 1996, and has worked at the 6th Avenue Jail and Mat-Su Pretrial Facility until joining the Central Transportation Unit in 2005. Officer Pack began his career with the department in 2003 and was certified as a Transportation Officer in 2006. He has previously volunteered as an EMT.

Officer Daniels is a licensed pilot and enjoys time spent on his boat and at his cabin. Officer Hays owns a semi-truck and is looking for a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am to restore. Officer Pack owns a chicken ranch in Seward and enjoys fresh eggs.

Re-entry Task Force presents 5-year plan


Deputy Commissioner Carmen Gutierrez, Anchorage Police Chief Mark Mew and a former inmate who asked that his full name not be used addressed the media at a roll-out of the Prisoner Re-entry Task Force Five-Year Plan May 5 at the Mountain View Diner in Anchorage. Anchorage reporters had on opportunity to learn of the plan’s goals, key of which is to reduce recidivism. The former inmate, going by the first name Andrew, explained some of the challenges he faced as an ex-offender in returning to the workplace. He credited an employer who was willing to overlook has past actions and provide him with a family-wage job. One of the task force goals is to identify impediments to successful re-entry into the community.

Annual Plant Sale at Hiland Mountain is May 18-21

2011 HMCC Greenhouse Plant Sale Flyer

The greenhouse plant sale is an annual tradition at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center in Eagle River. This year’s offering of custom flower baskets and other plants for the garden will be Wednesday, May 18, 9 am-6 pm, and Thursday through Saturday, May 19-21, 10 am-6 pm. The sale will be in the correctional center’s parking lot, 9101 Hesterberg Road, Eagle River. Follow the signs

Department Honors Probation Officer Academy Graduates


Probation Officer Academy 22 graduated on April 15. Graduates included: David Abbott, Molly Fortunato, Joshua Hooyer, Denice McKenzie, Emily Sakis, Scott Vukich, Anchorage Probation Office; Michael Zener, Brad Nye, Kristine Bailie, Wildwood Correctional Center; Markus Bressler, Juneau EM; Sheri White, Fairbanks Probation Office; Julene Webber, Amber Ingalls-Adkins, Anchorage Correctional Complex; Demetrios Kargas, Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center; Selest Dominguez, Hiland Mountain Correctional Center; Lindy Henrick, Ketchikan Correctional Center; and Joseph Jennetten, Anvil Mountain Correctional Center.

Probation Officers step up in emergency situation

On March 17 Probation Officers Neil Fulks and Eileen Farrar were following leads on an offender who had absconded when they overheard a police report indicating a medical emergency on the same street they were on. Listening to the dispatcher, they heard an individual had stopped breathing at which point they broke from their field work and rushed to the residence. Through training, they cleared the individual’s airway and the person started breathing again. It is clear they did an outstanding job being aware of their location and the radio traffic, and then responding to an emergency situation.

— reported by Chief Probation Officer Keith Thayer

Charles Moses honored for Parole Board service

Charles Moses was celebrated upon his retirement from the Board of Parole on April 6th in Anchorage. Moses was appointed by Governor Tony Knowles in 1997 and he was appointed chair by Governor Sarah Palin in 2008. Previously, Moses had a 25-year career with the Department of Corrections, retiring as Director of the South central Region.

Inmate volunteers clear trash from Glenn Highway

Inmate volunteers from the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center collected over 1600 pounds of trash along the Glenn Highway in early May. The facility has formally agreed to adopt the section of highway between the South and North Birchwood exits. This section encompasses approximately 3.4 miles of road; it covers the median and both sides of the highway. A crew will be out at least one day per week until the entire area has been cleared of trash. After the initial cleaning, the crew will revisit the area periodically throughout the summer.

The road crews one part of the prison’s community work service commitments for this summer. Inmate volunteers will be cleaning trails at Mirror Lake, Schoeder Park and Peters Creek Parks and will perform maintenance and cleaning at Clare House and for Habitat for Humanity.