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Service dog candidate on its way to Eagle River


A puppy donated by a breeder in Illinois is on its way to Hiland Mountain Correctional Center where it will be the newest Service Dog In Training. The puppy donation is fruit borne of an informal meeting between staff of HMCC, organizers of Arctic Paws for Service, and Sr. Paulina Quinn of Pathways to Hope. The puppy will come to Alaska from Dwight Correctional Center, where a Service Dog Training program is in place. The puppy is a Labrador. “He has white on his front and probably this is why he was not kept for show,” said Sr. Paulina in an email. “He has spunk when he plays. He hadn’t been on a leash before but handled everything. He lights up when he sees other dogs. He is quiet, just taking everything in without showing fear.” The puppy is expected in Alaska before April 15.