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Anchorage Probation Officers undertake major drug arrest


On March 24, Probation officers from Anchorage Probation Enhanced Supervision Unit went to the residence of one of their offenders. The offender was not at home, but was seen walking down the street. He entered the residence and denied the officers access. After several minutes and a request for assistance from APD and the canine unit, the offender opened his apartment door and walked out to the probation officers. He was restrained and returned to the residence for a probation search. The search was initiated and cocaine was found in a kitchen drawer. The search was terminated and APD returned with a search warrant. The search continued and $30,000 cash and cocaine were found. The offender was remanded and the case was forwarded for new criminal offenses through either the state or federal court.

Approximately 18 months ago, officers of the same Enhanced Supervision Unit were instrumental in another drug bust and through the Asset Forfeiture program with the US Government, the Division of Probation and Parole just received $40,000 as their share of the forfeited money and assets. The Division Director and Supervisor of the ESU are currently in negotiations for how the money should or will be spent.