AK DOC Dogs in Training

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GCCC Prisoner-Trained Dogs Ready for Adoption February 17

It’s time for Goose Creek Shelter Pet Obedience Training (SPOT) dogs to be adopted. All adoptions go through the Mat Su Animal Shelter and all fees are paid to the shelter. The face sheets are attached for your reference. If you would like to meet a dog, call 864-8125 to arrange a meeting.

After your pet receives his or her graduation certificate at the graduation ceremony, you will be able to take your pet home with you.

The graduation ceremony will be on Wednesday, February 24 at 3pm in GCCC Visitation. We will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary of the SPOT program.

To Adopt a Dog:

On Wednesday, February 17 at 11:00am call the Mat Su Animal Shelter at 746-5500, press option 2,

then leave a message that you want to adopt a dog – referencing the animal number on the face sheet.

The shelter will call you back to complete the adoption paperwork. Fees must be paid at that time.

Photo of Baron the Dog

About Baron:

“Hello my name is Baron. I’m a bloodhound so my nose pretty much runs the show. I really love food but can be picky sometimes. I know I’m a big dog, but I am really gentle. Inside I’m really a soft guy, and sometimes I’m scared of my own shadow. I would not make a good hunting dog, unless I am hunting for a treat. I need a family who’ll love me for who I am. I will be your best friend. I am very smart and sometimes forget I’m not a lap dog. I know most of my basic commands and some tricks. Please take me home and I will love you forever!!!”

Photo of Cujo the Dog

About Cujo:

“ Hi my name is Cujo and I’m nothing like my namesake. I am very loving, mellow, and realllly like attention and affection! I also like to play with other dogs of all ages, and so far get along well with them all. I am also gentle, kennel trained, potty trained, and know basic commands. I was not taught to jump up on people or get on furniture, but I will shake, speak, or play bite at people’s hands. So if this is something you want me to do you must teach me. I will love you and be a good addition to your family/pack.”

Photo of Daisy the Dog

About Daisy:

“ Hi, my name is Daisy and I am a 1-1/2 year old, black and tan coonhound, I am very good natured, easygoing, loyal, and very loving. I enjoy being outdoors and prefer to be active. When adequately exercised I’m calm, undemanding, apt to sprawl out and start sleeping whereever. I am well behaved, though my senses get the best of me occasionally. I am very scent driven and bred to follow my nose. I have come a very long way since becoming a part of the S.P.O.T program. I need a home with someone with the time, energy, and a good sense of humor to continue working with me. Also I am a single house hold dog but may learn to play well with others. The reward for taking me home is everlasting love, loyalty, and well…. look at me. I’m adorable!”

Photo of Hank the Dog

About Hank:

“ Hi my name is Hank. I’m a chocolate lab and am 14 months old. I’m very loving and will be your best friend. I love to play, hangout, and learn new things. I’m good with other dogs and am pretty tolerant of the ones I don’t like or those who don’t like me. I’ve learned a lot of things from my trainer, such as: Sit, wait, down, puppy push ups, target or touch, and roll over. I am a very good dog and want someone to love me so I can love and protect. Pleeeese take me home!”

Photo of Ichabod the Dog

About Ichabod:

“ Hi, my name is Icabod and I know we’ve never met but I already love you. I dream of the time we’ll spend playing and going for walks. I am a very good dog who loves food and spending time with my human. I know basic commands and will be eager to learn more. I don’t like to be disturbed by strangers while in my kennel and like to pull when walked. I may seem like a handful at first but please give me a chance. I play well with my human and so far other dogs. Please get me out of here already! ”

Photo of Jemma the Dog

About Jemma:

“ Hi my name is Jemma, I’m about 40 lbs… white with camo splashes on my face, shoulders, and back. I have been going through obedience training. I know sit, stay, come, down, and off. I enjoy playing hide and seek, wrestling, and jogging. When walking with my trainer he taught me left/right/straight verbal commands so I can walk or trot on a long leach without constant corrections. I do not chew on shoes, bite people, or dig in the trash. I am pretty smart and love to learn. I love affection and getting brushed. You should adopt me so you have someone to chill out with inside and some one to play with out side. I have some separation issues but once I know you love me and will come back, I will be ok.”

Photo of Ralphie the Dog

About Ralphie:

“Hi, my name is Ralphie; I’m 1 year 6 months old. I love to play, I have more energy than you and I’m possibly the cutest guy you’ve ever seen, I have one blue eye and one blue and green eye that is split down the middle.(Yeah its true!!) I’ll sit, come, and stay sometimes as long as you don’t go to far away. I know lay down and can take a bow. I am loyal and eager to learn whatever you want. I would love to have another friend to play with, although my trainer says I get too exited around more than one. All in all I’m a good dog who likes to get a little rowdy but I calm down when I know you’re serious.”

Photo of Tyson the Dog

About Tyson:

“Hello to all, my name is Tyson. I’m currently looking for a human or humans to spend the long days and cold nights with. Living in Alaska has taught me that I need a person to snuggle up with when it’s cold. I love to spend time outside running around and playing with other dogs. I’ve been told that I’m a very good hunter because I seem to find all of the shrews that are hiding in the snow. I’ve also been told that they give you bad breath when you chew on them, but I don’t mind. When meeting new dogs I can be kind of standoffish and unsure, but before you know…. I’ll be running and playing in no time at all. I love to have the other dogs run and chase me, but I’m still learning how to share my toys with other dogs, so maybe its best to keep toys and food away for the time being. I’m looking forward to meeting my new pack and spending our lives together. I promise to bring love and happiness to the family.”